Soosan Joon and a journey around the world with Pope Francis

In the upcoming Dear Pope Francis, released by Loyola Press, the pontiff responds to handwritten letters from children around the world. In this promotional video, produced by Daily Planet, we follow one girl’s letter as it journeys around the world to land in the Vatican on Pope Francis’s desk. Soosan Joon’s unique pen and watercolor style… Read More

Pouch up – Capri Sun Big Pouch storyboards with Alberto Gomez

Capri Sun’s Big Pouch is a grown-up version of it’s now iconic juice pouch. We love the cheeky attitude of the Big Pouch Man – a slightly pudgy, yet charismatic spokesman. Our talented artist Alberto Gomez worked with the agency to develop the character and storyboard art. Check out the finished spots below to see… Read More

Denis Luzuriaga’s animatic art Nationwide’s Toddler commercial

When you aren’t treated with respect, it’s easy to feel like a child, tantrum and all. That’s the concept behind Nationwide’s Toddler commercial. Working with the talented team at Daily Planet and McKinney, Denis Luzuriaga brought the daily frustrations of the modern world to life. Our hero character navigates a world where she is ignored and overlooked,… Read More

Noseblind: Storyboards by Denis Luzuriaga for Febreeze

What if you had gotten so use to the smell of your home that you had no idea it was stinky? That’s the premise behind the Noseblind commercials from Febreeze. Using cats, dogs and sneakers, the brand points out that it’s easy to grow accustomed to the smells around your home, even if they are… Read More

SB Studio’s animatic art for Nationwide’s Feature commercial

Ever notice the way car commercials call out special features? These include slowing the commercial to draw attention to the antilock brakes or using digital overlays to highlight smart tech features. For their latest spot, Nationwide spoofed on this idea by emphasizing the most important safety feature in any car – you. Animatic art by… Read More

Joel Spector featured in Pastel Journal’s June issue

Joel Spector is a great talent and we couldn’t be more thrilled about his feature in the June issue of Pastel Journal. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: “Color fascinates me,” says the New Milford, Connecticut artist. “I want to feel its strength and the dimensions it creates. Many times I try to use the… Read More