How to Find the Right Company for Storyboard Production


Have you ever seen Ben McCoy’s storyboards? If yes, then you know how amazing they can be. Do you want the same high-quality storyboards for your company or production? If so, then you need to use professional services. Unfortunately, finding the right company for the job can be a bit of a challenge. As a result, you need to ensure you have some helpful information.
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Advantages Offered by Storyboarding


Have you ever used storyboards? If not, you may be missing out on an extremely useful tool. The fact is, a storyboard can be as simple as a stick figure, or as complex as a full-color illustration that’s created by an artist. Take, for example, Alec Blancher’s storyboards. If you have never seen these, you may want to know what benefits they offer. Keep reading to find out.
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Create a Whole Conceptual World with Christopher Butzer’s Illustrations


Everyone has heard the phrase “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” and nowhere is that truer than in the world of corporate advertising. Think of any successful ad campaign over the past few decades, and chances are, at the center of that effort are some incredible, indelible images and iconography. The importance of effective pictorial advertising has exploded in the Internet age. With so many online options out there, you have to do everything in your power to ensure that your services stand out.

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Advertise Your Company or Cause with Bernd Wagenfeld’s Illustrations


Whether you’re the marketing executive of a company, a graphic designer working for a charitable cause, or someone simply looking to promote your own services, few skills are more valuable than the ability to tell and sell a story. One of the most popular buzzwords out there today is the idea of a “narrative.” Whatever your company or cause may be about, it’s up to you to communicate what makes your products or services so special.

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How to pick out the right artist for your next project


Art projects are no small undertaking – if you have a need for an artist, then you have a lot to consider. First and foremost? Finding the right person for the job; there are many different artists out there with different avenues of experience and different techniques. For example, if you were to consider Andrew Wendel’s storyboard, you would need to view the art style, the flow, and the presentation to make sure it fits with your upcoming needs. What else do you need to think about? Below is a few factors to consider:

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3 Communication Tips When Working with an Artist on Your Next Storyboard Project


You’ve probably heard this phrase so many times, that your eyes glaze over whenever you hear it: Communication is key.

But, fact of the matter, that’s particularly true when dealing with something creative, whether it’s a scrip for a radio commercial, a blog post for your website or one of Aristides Ruiz’s Storyboards.

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We Won’t Tell You to work with Kevin…


Check out the animatic artwork by Kevin! His energy and playful drawing style was a perfect match for LeBron’s fun and easy-going personality. With shots all over LeBron’s mansion, Kevin shows off his unique and versatile artistic ability which lays the foundation for the latest and greatest Sprite commercial yet! We won’t tell you to work with Kevin…


Click here to see the full commercial!


Smucker’s Teams up with Bernd Wagenfeld for an Epic PB&J Spot


When it comes to making food look mouthwatering, Bernd Wagenfeld is the best around. In the new Smucker’s commercial, he really shows off his ability to bring food to life. With his unmatched attention to texture in the close-up shots. For 30 seconds, he makes this simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich the only sandwich your taste buds yearn for. So if you’re in the need for an experienced animatic food artist for you’re next big commercial, Bernd Wagenfeld is the artist you’re looking for.


See for yourself in the link below!


Back to school with Walmart!


Check out the new animatic artwork from Fates Crew! Aired during the 2016 Summer Olympics. Fates Crew, challenged with another short deadline, came together as a team to knock another job out of the park. Walmart helps to remind everyone of the upcoming school year and where to get all of your school supply needs. With a fun twist of White Snake’s “Here I Go Again,” to beacon the end of another summer, we wish everyone a happy and healthy school year!


Click the link below to see the finished commercial. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 3.08.21 PM