What Are The Advantages Of Hiring On Site Artist To Create Storyboards?


It�s no shock or surprise we are moving towards a visual world.� Everything in our surroundings inundates us with visual ideas, subliminal agendas and targeted messages.� In marketing, advertising, sales and communications, the same idea had transcended many industries, and part of the process of creating something visual includes the initial planning phase.� Storyboarding and creating concepts for print campaigns has become a crucial part of the advertising world, since it sets the tone for the entire project. A drawing can charm the eye and fire the imagination like nothing else. With that said, what types of advantages can you expect from hiring an on-site artist or in house artist to help you create a storyboard?

For starters, an on-site artist has the direct advantage of communicating with you.

  • Instead of having to relay messages, play phone tag, or express ideas through emails, you and an artist can brainstorm, talk out ideas, put it to paper and make changes on the fly.
  • �It saves a lot of time, money, effort and stress. As an art director, creative director, or project manager, you can communicate directly with the artist and provide as much information as possible.
  • Nothing is lost in translation. This type of collaboration goes a long way in completing projects on time with the quality you are looking for.

Continuing with the concept of collaboration, hiring on-site artists naturally brings in someone to be a part of your team.

  • Everyone gets a handle on what the concept trying to be portrayed is, and what needs to be said.� As the ideas come together, the sketches can be clarified and tightened up.
  • If the idea is ill conceived, it takes longer to bring things

    into focus.

If you were hiring someone, wouldn�t you want a versatile artist with the ability to work in a variety of mediums?

  • Working on-site in advertising agencies means usually working without a lot resources artists are generally used to. Drawing out of their head is a necessity and they must rely on this versatility in order to produce the type of work and results you need.
  • Artists can supply themselves with the tools needed and can bring the supplies accordingly. Bringing a range of drawing materials, things they are comfortable with, will go a long way and not waste additional time.

Most importantly, as an agency, you�re probably worried about deadlines and timeliness.

  • Working on the site or in house comes down to sweating and gutting it out. Artists have to do work more intuitively because this business demands so much to be done on the fly. They are used to pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone.
  • Every job deserves the best effort.� On site, there are no outside distractions. Artists can put their head down and get to work.


It doesn�t matter if it�s a small assignment, a repeat project and client or a steady flow of work for a major campaign, any time an artist is on site, working hand in hand with an art director, good things are going to come out of it. There�s a creative synergy that happens when you�re in the same room.� Everyone can get an instantaneous read on his or her reaction to something drawn or presented.

Way Art Storyboards and Illustrations provides clients with high quality, professional artists. If you need someone on site, regardless of what type of project and how big or small it is, contact us today to get started on capturing your ideas and bringing them to life.


Check out some of our artists pieces below.