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Create a Whole Conceptual World with Christopher Butzer’s Illustrations


Everyone has heard the phrase �a picture�s worth a thousand words,� and nowhere is that truer than in the world of corporate advertising. Think of any successful ad campaign over the past few decades, and chances are, at the center of

that effort are some incredible, indelible images and iconography. The importance of effective pictorial advertising has exploded in the Internet age. With so many online options out there, you have to do everything in

your power to ensure that your services stand out.

The best storyboard and advertising artists can help you do just that.

The Importance of Proper Storyboarding

You may have the best idea in the world for a new product or service, but if you can�t communicate it or realize it, it will remain just that � just an idea. That�s why proper storyboarding services can be so important. Christopher Butzer�s Illustrations have been used to help pitch everything from advertising campaigns to TV series. Whether you�re looking for black and white sketches or beautiful renderings done in full color, this distinctive storyboarding technique can help you start to craft and communicate your story.

Matching the Medium to the Message

One of the great adages of the media world is that �the medium is the message.� The style and content of a commercial or print advertisement can go a long way towards communicating what makes your product or service special. After all, the medium of illustration is unique in its immediacy and accessibility. Nothing makes a statement quite as quickly as a powerful image. They can help companies communicate their message. His illustrations don�t just show an idea or item, but communicate whole ideas or moods. In particular, his bright splashes of color can communicate a sense of pure joy.

Even more than that, his artwork is uniquely suited for helping people build entire conceptual worlds. If you�re looking to pitch or storyboard an entire TV series, movie, video game, book, or any other media which might feature a fully-fleshed out world, his artwork can help you communicate the style and tone of that world. Perhaps the biggest strength of his artwork is his emphasis on characterization � perfect for those looking to bring their fictional world to life. For the better part of three decades, Christopher Butzer�s Illustrations have helped companies storyboard out commercials and concepts. Breathe fresh life into your ideas with one of the best storyboard artists on the scene with Christopher Butzer�s Illustrations.

Above all, Wayart is dedicated to helping creators create. Our unique style and entertainment savviness can help those in the industry better realize and pitch their worlds to executives. We love nothing more than helping people communicate the character of their campaigns and pitches to create pictures which, more than being �worth a thousand words,� are sure to leave clients speechless.