storyboard by Bernie Wagenfeld's

Save Money with Storyboards


While storyboards are an attractive way to communicate an idea, it’s also a great way to reduce the cost of a film. The storyboard is a visualization of the steps the producer takes to turn a script into a moving picture. It’s a step that’s proved indispensable time and again. To be able to visualize the whole picture before it’s ever on film is a huge cost-saver. In addition, it can save time as well. In fact, visualizing the scene before they commit it to film allows the producer to get the bugs out before they start spending money. Ask anybody in the business: Storyboards are an essential ingredient when the producer, director, cinematographer and costume people commiserate. It’s a great way to convince potential advertising clients to get on board. For example, Bernie Wagenfeld s Storyboards can make an advertiser understand the film.

Storyboards like Bernie Wagenfeld s Storyboards can tell the story the elements work so hard on. The process avoids all the bumps in the road and creates a plan for the moving picture to follow. Storyboards also act as a day to day schedule reminder. No scenes that make it onto the storyboard will be forgotten in production.

So, its presence makes a difference. To a filmmaker with a limited budget, these boards are a lifesaver because they cut costs. With storyboards, rehearsal time can be cut down as the elements can create films faster and with fewer hassles. Projects are easier to finance when you have storyboards to show potential investors. They offer the chance to develop narrative elements and provide the story with continuity. In truth, not everybody understands every film idea, whether it’s off-beat or mainstream. Storyboards make people understand what you’re trying to say with your moving image. When it comes time for production, the visualization that storyboards provide allows the production of the film to go ahead without a lot of second-guessing or nagging doubts.