Introducing David Case: The Artistic Genius Behind the Storyboard


If you want to successfully market a product for your company, there is no better way than through a video or commercial ad. Almost all of us remember things in pictures which is why billboards and commercials do so well in advertising. This is why a storyboard is a vital part of a successful commercial campaign. It is the ideal way in which you can communicate your vision. When presenting your ad, you can show people exactly how the commercial will play out.

A Reliable Company with Talented Artists

You may be wondering where you can find a trusted company to work with you and your advertising goals and of what caliber their artists are. David Case has been working with talented art management companies that have been addressing the illustrative and storyboard needs of numerous clients for 25 years. They have employed some of the most gifted artists around.

The Genius Behind the Storyboard

With an insatiable appetite for comic books and movies, David Case has been drawing since he was 2 years old. He eventually took his passion to the professional level by achieving a BA degree in Film from Vassar College. He specializes in concept design, animatics, and storyboards.

David Case’s storyboards are brilliant in capturing the overall experience of the commercial and the product. With the use of photorealistic, digital and full-color styles, his storyboards draw the viewer into the setting. If the product is a soft drink, you can be sure you will literally experience the crisp taste of the drink just by viewing it with your eyes.

If you want to see how a certain celebrity will fit into your ad concept, David Case’s storyboards are perfect for capturing the intended overall product image. He is extremely gifted in the realistic portrayal of any setting you can think of. Any vision you have, he can see into your mind and create that very same vision.

For the most realistic and lifelike depiction of your company, product or service, you can count on Way Art, Inc. and David Case, the genius behind the storyboard design. For more information, visit