Infiniti’s Déja View experience

We were excited to work with Campfire on Infiniti’s Deja View experience earlier this year. The concept went beyond the traditional commercial to become an online film that actually responds to viewers. To participate, you call a number, enter a sync code and become a character in an eerie journey with two lost souls. The… Read More

Nationwide Brand New Belongings campaign animatic

Offered in conjunction with Nationwide homeowners, condominium and renters insurance policies, Brand New Belongings helps you replace items that have been damaged, destroyed or stolen with brand new versions of the product. For their new campaign, Nationwide worked with McKinney to develop a character that personified Brand New Belongings: The Unburglar. This leather clad, stealth character… Read More

How Bernd Wagenfeld crafts medleys of mouthwatering food

When it comes to food illustrators, few people can match the detail and perfectionism of Bernd Wagenfeld. Years of honing his craft, experimenting with process and watching an ever evolving industry have left him with a deep understanding of what constitutes an effective food illustration. From plump fruits with shiny skins to delicate petals on… Read More

An Interview with Joel Spector

Joel Spector, a Way Art illustrator has what it takes. Yes! An awesome likeness and he nails it every time. Known for his images of elegance, Joel Spector was born in Havana, Cuba, came to the United States at the age of twelve, and currently lives in New Milford, CT with his wife, Rowena and… Read More